Stage Bottle for a Hogarthian Rig

Sean Stevenson (CAD man) has converted my crummy hand drawing into a nice cad image. Nice detailing.

Click on image for higher resolution.

The goal of a stage in a Hogarth rig is to have the top of the tank "snugged up" to the left chest Dring and the back of the tank hanging with a little slack from the left hip Dring.
Items needed to rig a stage. (Can be found at you local Home Depot dive store)
1) 1/4 inch braided nylon cord
2) 2 brass "dog" clips (no suicide clips)(Stainless Steel clips are best)
3) Fuel Hose
4) Hose clamp
5) 4" slice of truck innertube
6) Common Sense (not available in all stores)

Picture Key
(A) Knot in cord that holds top clip in place. The knot is shown loose to illustrate how to tie in the clip.
(B) Fuel hose to add comfort during carrying.
(C) Innertube that covers hose clamp. Keeps you from getting cut and holds regulator when not in use.
(D) Top Clip
(E) Hose Clamp
(F) The distance between F and A should match the distance between your left chest Dring and your left hip Dring. The length of the lower clip line can be reduced by wrapping it around the line that serves as a handle.