Gavin, Mako ... 24Volt scooter Burn Tester

A. One of Two 3 Ohm, 300 Watt resistors. From Milwaukee Resistor the Part # is 061813603.00E
B. The other.
C. Heavy wire. This means heavier than the wiring used in the scooter itself.
D. The Bracket. From Milwaukee Resistor the Part # is 301813602STD
E. Heavy-Duty Molded Nylon Connector (for Gavin scooters). From Radio Shack Cat. No. 274-151

Contact Milwaukee Resistor at (414) 362-8900.

The goal is to test how long your batteries will burn without doing it on the scooter.
Short burn times indicate bad batteries. (Trust me...)
The circuit above represents the load of the scooter.

1. Wire the circuit. The resistance at E should be 1.5 Ohms. If it is higher you either have not "zeroed" your
meter or you have not done a good job soldering the wiring to the resistors.
2. Charge up the batteries.
3. Reset your stopwatch.
4. Hook up the load and start your watch. The resistors will get HOT!
5. Measure the voltage while under load. When the batteries hit 20 volts under load you are done.

A short tube Gavin should burn about 50 minutes.
A long tube Gavin should burn about 95 to 100 minutes.
Someone send me the time of good Mako batteries.

Ask George if you have questions. He understands all of this EE stuff..

100 minutes at FULL TILT BOOGIE! Bring it on...